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If you are looking to explore site suitability, look no further than Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design)! We have wide experience of geotechnical design, delivering solutions to the rail, highways and civil engineering sectors and helping our clients reduce risk and uncertainty.

From desktop studies to full construction site investigations, and from outline to detail design, our team of specialist engineers expertly handle all aspects of geotechnical design.

We use our analytical software, combined with our engineering knowledge and experience, to predict soil-structure interaction and failure modes. Armed with these results, we can then investigate the best way forward for you, often adding further value by providing a solution that is both innovative and cost-effective.

Examples of Enable Design’s geotechnical design work include:

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Foundation and piling design
  • Retaining walls & structures design
  • Slope stability assessment and analysis
  • Earthworks stabilisation
  • Reinforced soil solutions
  • Crane mats and working platforms

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Here are the answers to the questions that our customers most often ask.

  • Geotechnical design is a part of the civil engineering design process. It includes the construction, investigation, and management of the geology, soil and rock mechanics in a way that helps us meet project goals. Geotechnical design is necessary to avoid abrupt ground failure which can cost a lot of money in lost work, material costs and damages. Geotechnical design services from Equate Design can help you understand your sites suitability, as our geotechnical design engineers are able to assess the suitability of land for development and construction.

  • Geotechnical design is carried out by a team of highly specialised geotechnical design engineers and is essential for the design and construction of roads, buildings, bridges and any other structures requiring hardstanding. By carrying out a geotechnical design survey we are able to identify the faults with the land and surrounding area so that these factors can then be used in determining how to prevent issues with the ground structure occurring during construction and development. Without doing this, you will run the risk of expensive site work when problems do arise and potential delays occurring due to construction being unable to be carried out.

  • Geotechnical design is the process of determining how forces generated by construction activities impact the ground. This can be challenging as soil and rock conditions can change with every step (quite literally) you take. Geotechnical design engineers always need to be aware of various challenges that can occur when undertaking geotechnical design surveys as each project can vary massively.

  • We can provide geotechnical design services to the highway, rail and construction industries. Our team of experts and highly professional geotechnical design engineers can help you get your construction, rail or highways project off the ground. If you are looking for quality geotechnical design services, contact us here today:


  • Feltham Re-signalling Programme

    Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design) was contracted to support the design of the full civil engineering scope of works for the Feltham Re-signalling Project Phases 1, 2 and 5.

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  • Track Worker Safety Sites – Wickham Road, Retaining Structures

    Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design) was awarded the contract to undertake designs proposing improvements to Track Worker Safety Sites. This involved providing scoping and design services ….

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  • Pilgrims’ House Surveys

    Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design) were engaged by Jubb to provide topographic, structural and utilities surveys for an existing residential wall that was failing between Pilgrims’ House and the adjacent residential properties…

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