Enable Design (formerly know as Equate Design) is at the forefront of civil engineering design for EV charging points. Our work for major clients in the fast-growing renewables sector has given us considerable experience of best-practice requirements when installing EV charging points at petrol filling stations.

We work with clients to evaluate the amount of space required for the new installation and to balance its location alongside existing infrastructure. So, we not only consider where new electrical panels, power cabinets, duct runs and the charging points themselves should be placed, we also take into account safe paths of travel for drivers and their passengers from their vehicle to the station’s convenience store or payment point.

Furthermore, we fully understand that our clients often want to keep forecourts open during the work. Therefore, when we are routing cables and ducts, we ensure that we take into account these operational requirements as well as engineering ones, considering circuitous routes as well as the most direct path, to find the optimal solution that allows the filling station to remain fully operational throughout.

We also look at lighting and signage, while working with you as the client to ensure that EV charging stations can be accessed easily by the intended vehicles, whether that is cars (including those towing trailers) or larger commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

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  • Electric cars have taken the world by storm. More and more people want to buy an electric car because of how convenient, cost effective and how much better they are for the environment. But there is a not so obvious problem with the growth in electric cars – the UK EV charging infrastructure. Electric vehicle charging points need to develop in tandem with the increase in electric car sales otherwise there won’t be enough places for people to charge their vehicles. A critical step to ensuring that the EV charging infrastructure in the UK is capable of meeting the increase in demand for electric vehicles is providing adequate and enough electric car charge point installation up and down the country.

  • EV charging design plays a major role in determining the best electric vehicle charging solutions for each business and commercial venues. Finding the best commercial EV charger for a business requires an EV charging design and survey. That way you can be certain that your electric vehicle charging points are able to provide the best charging solutions catered for your specific requirements. EV charging stations are found in workplaces as well as in public areas and motorways. EV charging design is able to map out unique EV charging solutions designed to cater for the number of users of the same EV charging point and what it is used for too.

  • At Enable Design Ltd. we provide electric vehicle charging point design for businesses and commercial companies and spaces that are looking to provide EV charging points for their employees or for the general public. We also offer surveys and EV charging design services to businesses with a large number of vehicles that need to be recharged, or companies that want a new EV charging infrastructure installation for their employees. This could include motorway services, office buildings, public car parks and more.

  • The short answer is yes! It’s likely you’ve heard about the number of electric cars on UK roads growing year on year, which has been helped in part by a government initiative to reduce fuel sales. That is great news for the environment and everyone involved, but what does that mean for your business? If you have yet to include EV charging points at your workplace or commercial establishment, then you may want to think again – especially if you have a lot of employees who could benefit from using them. Not only could it save you money, with fewer employees having to expense fuel costs to commute, you could also be helping to save the planet and reduce emissions by encouraging your staff to use your EV charging points to recharge their electric vehicle when travelling to and from work.

  • The UK government provide grant schemes for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for both workplaces and at home. You can receive a grant for up to 75% of the cost of electric car charge point installations at domestic properties across the UK. For workplaces the government can provide vouchers which will provide support for funding the up-front costs and electric vehicle charging point installations. You can read more about the government grants for EV charging here:

  • The cost of an EV charge point installation, design and survey is dependent on a number of considerations that need to be made depending on the size of project and the desired outcome. In order to get the best cost and outcome of the project we recommend getting in contact with us or requesting a quote.

  • Call us on 020 4566 9616. Or get in touch with us here. Fill in some details about the scale of the project and which services you would like and we will get in touch to discuss the work with you.