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Civil Engineering Services

At Equate Design we offer range of Civil Engineering Services & Design Solutions within the Rail, Highways and General Civil Engineering sectors. Get in touch today to get a civil engineering services quote or to learn more about our innovative design and service solutions for you and your business.

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As well as offering Permanent Works & Temporary Works design (see Civil Engineering Design), Equate also offer the following professional civil engineering services from our experienced engineers:

  • Track Monitoring
  • Critical Rail Temperature (CRT) Management
  • CAD Services
  • Engineering Surveying Services
  • ASPRO Scheme Management (3rd party works on rail infrastructure)
  • SSOW/ALO Planning
  • Possession Planning and Management
  • Early Contractor Involvement and Feasibility Studies
  • Condition Assessments of existing assets
  • Project Management & Engineering Management


Example Civil Engineering Services Case Studies

3rd Party Works On Rail Infrastructure

The delivery of ‘On-Network’ works by 3rd parties or other stakeholders via ‘Asset Protection’ (ASPRO) assurance processes are becoming an increasingly popular vehicle of delivery. This arrangement allows the 3rd party clients more control over the design and delivery of schemes, helping control cost and minimise scope creep, whilst also ensuring that Network Rail Standards are adhered to, maintaining quality of the works and ensuring safety of the operational railway pre, during and post works so we can deliver competitive prices for our civil engineering services.

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ALO Management & SSOW Planning

ALO Design / Planning is required where any railway line open to traffic could foreseeably be fouled by any vehicles, including on track plant (OTP), construction plant, HIAB’s, cranes etc. or the load associated with them. At Equate Design, we offer in-house expertise for ALO Planning and have a wealth of experience in the management of these works to ensure that works are planned safely so that no part of any plant or materials will encroach into the kinematic envelope of a line open to traffic.

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CAD Services

Equate Design Ltd provides a wide range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Design Services that support all engineering disciplines for design commissions on either bespoke standalone designs, or within complex multi-discipline civil engineering designs for use in buildings, highways and on the railway infrastructure.

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CRT Management

When track design and construction is being undertaken, the management of Critical Rail Temperature (CRT) is usually required for works which disturb the track support zone and could lead to problems, such as track buckling and this can impact on the day to day train operations on the infrastructure. CRT Management is usually required to allow for the safety of the railway to be assured during and post completion of the track construction project and works.

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Civil Engineering Design Project Management

At Equate Design, we offer extensive inhouse civil engineers with expertise for Civil Engineering Design Project Management, Construction Design Management and Design Project Planning. Our experienced Design Project Managers are experts in managing design projects, both, single discipline and also complex multi-discipline design civil engineering projects. Our Design Project Managers have a comprehensive understanding of the design process, underpinned by technical excellence and have excellent leadership, management and communication skills.

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Possession Planning

Equate Design and its partners offer our unique working knowledge in possession planning and management and have a long history of working with Network Rail in providing safe, traffic free access for maintenance and civil engineering works to be undertaken.

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Track Monitoring

When track design and construction is being undertaken, track monitoring is usually required to control the hazard of a non-compliant track geometry, which could affect train operations. Equate Design Ltd. provide expert knowledge for Track Monitoring on the railway infrastructure as either a standalone requirement or as part of a wider scheme. These works are delivered through collaborative working with the Network Rail Asset Protection Team and local Track Maintenance Team.

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