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At Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design), we leverage our deep understanding and extensive experience of surveying to offer you techniques that are both innovative and cost-effective.

Enable Design provides a very broad range of survey and monitoring capabilities, including topographical surveys. We use a wide spectrum of methodologies, including both intrusive and non-intrusive surveys, as well as the use of drones. These capture the photographic record, providing clients with higher-quality images at lower cost, compared with traditional techniques.

In all our surveying work, at Enable Design we tailor our work to meet clients’ needs on a project-by-project basis. We firmly believe that since each surveying project presents its own unique challenges, we should take a bespoke approach, interrogating and often adapting normal practice to produce the best possible result for our clients. In line with this tailored approach, we frequently deploy multiple survey techniques: often it is only the results of a combination of surveys that provide the full understanding we need to advise our clients of the best-value solution to the issue at hand.

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