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Surveying Services

Equate Design provide a wide range of survey capabilities including, topographical surveys with the aim of providing cost effective solutions tailored to meet a client’s needs on a project by project basis.

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As each project provides its own unique challenges, it is important to challenge normal practice. Equate’s survey capability covers a wide spectrum of methodologies, both intrusive and non-intrusive surveys, including using drones to capture the photographic record, providing the client with higher quality images at lower costs by comparison to undertaking this work using traditional means.

Example Survey Case Studies

Drainage Surveys

Equate Design Ltd. offer a full spectrum of drainage survey capabilities which can be used both for asset inspection and condition assessment, through to detailed drainage surveys to support enhancement or new drainage system design.

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Drone Survey

Equate Design Ltd. always endeavours to exploit the latest technologies to support our client’s needs in the delivery of detailed topographic drone surveys in a safe and efficient manner. The use of drones allow us to get an unrivalled overall view of sites from large rural areas where access is difficult and unreliable, through to complex urban areas where achieving detailed visual topographical drone surveys from ground level is often very difficult.

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Ecology Survey

An ecology survey is essential for the planning of any proposal. Ecology surveys are the process whereby a proposed development site is assessed to establish any environmental impact the development may have.

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Geo Envioronmental Survey

Equate Design conduct Geoenvironmental Surveys are used to identify and assess the potential geotechnical and geoenvironmental (contamination) hazards on site to allow projects to progress efficiently and in line with environmental regulations.

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Geotechnical Survey

At Equate Design Ltd. we offer a wide range of Geotechnical Surveys from trial pits to deep rotary/cable percussive boreholes because we understand the importance of understanding the ground conditions of a site and the key role this plays in the civil engineering design process.

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GPR Survey

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys are an integral way of enabling safe engineering design and construction. GPR surveys are a non-destructive, non-intrusive survey method. GPR uses electromagnetic waves to locate and identify buried objects without the need for costly and time-consuming ground investigation techniques.

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Noise & Vibration Survey

Noise and vibration surveys are conducted to measure the noise profile in the environment, or vibrations and noise caused by equipment, and is important to conduct when designing and constructing any project.

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Topographical Survey

At Equate Design Ltd. we understand the importance of detailed topographical surveys in producing safe and constructible civil engineering designs. Our topographical survey capability cover a range of techniques from unmanned aerial vehicle surveys to traditional manual topographical surveys.

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Track Monitoring

Track monitoring controls the hazard of non-compliant track geometry being caused. To find out more about track monitoring in a recent project read our studies.

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