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Case studies

East Croydon Post Office – Drone / Air – Land Surveys


Project Commenced: August 2020

Project Completed: October 2020

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

As part of the client’s intentions to develop a disused post office depot in East Croydon, Equate Design were asked to undertake aerial surveys to produce a condition report to help facilitate future decision making when establishing a future scope of works to develop the site.  

The primary aim of these works was to determine the presence of any immediate hazards or risks posed to the public between the date of the surveys and when the future development takes place. 


The Challenge 

The initial challenge for the survey was within the brief itself and that is to provide a visual only condition report without access to the interior of the building. 

The initial external visual only challenge was exacerbated by the presence of both, East Croydon Station and tram line neighbouring the building. This made initial proposals of a crane assisted survey difficult due to the heavy pedestrian footfall and difficulty accessing certain sides of the building. 


The Solution 

Both challenges were mitigated by conducting the survey with a camera attached to an aerial drone. High resolution elevation photos were easily taken from all faces of the buildings. The elevation photos were enhanced and sectioned allowing a clear view of any external defects. Pedestrian areas were much easier to cordon off when needed and the drone was able to access areas of the building which would be inaccessible by crane. 


The Deliverables: 

  • Aerial Photography 
  • Condition Report  


Outputs and Benefits

The main benefit of using this approach was that access requirements were kept to a minimum and so reducing the risk of potential injury to surveyors. The other benefit was that, in using a drone to take the photos of the condition of the building, was that we were able to take photos from any viewing position and so helped Network Rail to build a clear understanding of what the condition of the building was. This helped tremendously when creating future plans for the development of East Croydon Post Office