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CAPEX RRAP’s Installation Kent & Sussex – Possession Planning & Man.

Professional Services

Project Commenced: September 2018

Project Completed: March 2019

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

The CAPEX Project consisted of multi-disciplinary Design, Assurance, Construction Delivery and Entry Into Service as part of Infrastructure upgrades in Kent and Sussex. The Scope included design and installation of a number of Road Rail Access Points. The design assurance process covered full discipline integration including P-Way, electrification (ETE/Conductor Rail Modifications), signalling and civils. 

The aim of the scheme was to ensure all associated RRAP’s at specified locations within the Kent & Sussex area were brought to a compliant standard.  

Equate Design partnered with BCM Construction and worked collaboratively with Network Rail, sharing our knowledge of the Kent & Sussex area and experience of working with the team within Network Rail to ensure that the project was delivered to an ambitious programme and within budget.


The Challenge 

The initial challenge on these works were the short turnaround time to do surveys, produce a compliant, assured design and deliver the works on site.  


The Solution 

The team overcame the short timescales with close cooperation across the project teams, collaborative working with all stakeholders and efficient planning was essential in undertaking the works during the possessions as they were led by the maintainer. During our works, we gave access to RRV‘s at the start of the possession to allow others to work in the same closure, maximising benefit for Network Rail. We integrated programmes with third parties to ensure that all works were deconflicted. Equate Design’s sister company – BCM Construction attended de-confliction meetings and white board meetings to ensure the works didn’t interfere with other projects in and around the RRAP locations. Our works started once other contractors had used the existing access (RRAP) and were completed prior to them egressing the worksite at the same access point.  

For some of the possessions, Equate Design worked closely with BCM Construction and acted as the lead and supplied the possession management staff (Engineering Supervisors and strap men). Equate and BCM Construction also organised white board meetings as and when required for Network Rail.  


The Deliverables: 

  • Survey Reports 
  • Non-complex multi-discipline combined Form 001, 002 & 003 in line with NR/L2/CIV/003 
  • Track ancillary works Form 001, 002 & 003 
  • CRT Management  
  • Track Monitoring  
  • Inspection and Maintenance of Permanent Way as per NR2/L2/TRK/001 
  • Handback Certificates and Documentation