Feltham & Wokingham (Ascot) – UTX Design

Project Commenced:
September 2020
Project completed:
December 2020
Network Rail

About the project

As part of the works for the Feltham and Wokingham Resignalling project, Enable Design (formerly known as Equate Design) were engaged to design a single track UTX connecting cable routes from the PSP to the country end of the platforms via a chamber in the cess and another in the wide way. 

The challenge

A challenge in designing the UTX was the limited space of the wide way. This imposed limits on chamber and hardstanding sizes. In addition, the chamber will need to be able to withstand the addition loading from being in the Track Support Zone. 

The solution

Enable Design consulted a specialist subcontractor with providing options in chamber design. Constructability, strength, reliability and spatial constraints were taken into account when arriving at the preferred solution for these works. 

The deliverables

  • Topographical Survey – prior to any design works, the existing site was surveyed to facilitate the design. 
  • Inspection Chamber design – Enable Design undertook the design for the inspection chambers to meet Network Rail’s requirements with associated ducting. 
  • Guard boarding 
  • Trough routes 

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