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Case studies

Lyminster Bridges

Professional Services Temporary Works Design

Project Value: £3.6m

Project Commenced: June 2020

Project Completed: June 2021

Client: Breheny


About the Project

This scheme involves the construction of 2 no. overbridges for our client Breheny. The first bridge is a 17m span, prestressed concrete overbridge spanning a road. The second bridge is a 30m span, prestressed concrete overbridge spanning a railway which required an 800T crane to install the deck beams. The bridges were critical activities in Breheny’s Lyminster Bypass Project. The client contracted these structures to BCM/Equate because of our capability and experience of working in a rail environment.

The Challenge 

Both bridges were constructed over live traffic (rail and road) which presented logistical challenges. Bespoke access solutions were required to facilitate construction in this high risk environment. The railway bridge had very limited track possessions which required meticulous planning and strict adherence to programme.  

Whilst planning the construction of the deck, Equate identified that the permanent works designer had not considered temporary load cases in their modelling of the bridge. Equate coordinated the permanent and temporary works designers, the client and Network Rail to resolve these CDM issues.  


The Solution 

Equate managed the supply chain in the development of multiple temporary works schemes to provide access, crane support, formwork/falsework and also temporary beam restraints to compensate for the permanent works design not considering construction phasing (interim load states etc). 

Equate managed the NR assurance process including the production of temporary works Form 002 & 003s. Equate also provided the project Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM). 

The Deliverables:

  • Managed engineering interface with Network Rail.  
  • Management of AMP process, production of AMP forms.  
  • Managed 3 no. Temporary Works Design CREs – EFCO, AJMS & Wentworth House. 
  • Preparation, review and approval of Construction Phase Plan and Work Package Plans. 
  • Produced Temporary Works F0002 & 003s for: 
    • Crane foundations 
    • Abutment formwork 
    • Deck edge protection 
    • Precast parapet fixings 
    • Beam restraints 
  • Positional monitoring of temporary works during construction. 
  • Identification/resolution of CDM issues associated with the permanent works design.