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Drone Survey

Equate always endeavours to exploit the latest technologies to support our client’s needs in the delivery of detailed surveys in a safe and efficient manner. The use of drones allow us to get an unrivaled overall view of sites from large rural areas where access is difficult and unreliable, through to complex urban areas where achieving detailed visual surveys from ground level is often very difficult.

We are able to use drones to support our traditional topographical survey methods and also to offer new capabilities – such as carrying out asset condition surveys of buildings and structures without putting personnel into areas with unknown asset conditions. Drones are revolutionising the way we complete surveys and offer unrivaled detail in efficient, cost effective survey projects. Use of drones also minimised the requirement for disruptive access, as the UAV can be piloted from areas with easy access, which often accelerates the completion of surveys as protracted discussions to agree access via third party stakeholders can often lead to delays, which use of drones can help to eliminate.

Case Studies Relating To Drone Surveys