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ALO Management & SSOW Planning

ALO Management & Planning is required where any railway line open to traffic could foreseeably be fouled by any vehicles, including on track plant (OTP), construction plant, HIAB’s, cranes etc. or the load associated with them. At Equate Design, we offer in-house expertise for ALO Planning and have a wealth of experience in the management of these works to ensure that works are planned safely so that no part of any plant or materials will encroach into the kinematic envelope of a line open to traffic.

Equate Design and its partners have a wealth of experience in planning, setting up and management of Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) for works to be on Network Rail Infrastructure. Our capabilities range from standalone SSOW planning and possession management to full operational solutions including planning and supply of safety-critical resource for implementation on site.

Case Studies Relating To ALO Design & SSOW Planning