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Case studies

Platform Design Liverpool Street

Civils Design

Project Value: £12m

Project Commenced: April 2020

Project Completed: May 2021

Client: MTR CrossRail


About the Project:

Equate Design are experts in managing the design and delivery of ASPRO schemes and have played leading roles on recent projects for clients including MTR Elizabeth Line, Western Power Distribution and Breheney Civil Engineering. For this case study – we will be looking in more detail at the Liverpool Street Platform Extensions for MTR Elizabeth Line. 

Platforms 16-18 at London’s Liverpool Street Station are currently used by TfL Rail (Elizabeth Line) services from Shenfield and Gidea Park. As part of the Crossrail Programme, the bulk of these services will be replaced by Elizabeth Line services from Shenfield diverted at Pudding Mill Lane into the Crossrail central section tunnels to re-join the network west of London Paddington Station. 

In the peaks there will be a residual service between Gidea Park and London Liverpool Street of four trains per hour which will require berthing at Platforms 16 and 17. 

These existing platforms are unable to accommodate the new rolling stock once lengthened. To enable this to happen Platform 18 will be made redundant (Non-Operational Use); the existing track will be rationalised reducing the number of S&C layouts; thereby allowing new extensions and widening to Platforms 16 and 17 to be built. 


The Challenge 

MTR Elizabeth Line, as a 3rd Party (non-NR) client, required the platforms at Liverpool Street to be lengthened prior to the opening of the Elizabeth Line central (tunnel) section, to allow 9-car Class 345 trains to operate. This was the final enabling stage on the Anglia route to allow Class 345 Full Length Unit (FLU) operation – a key milestone for the overall Crossrail Programme. 

The project itself with a true multidisciplinary scheme, taking in track remodelling, OLE upgrades, signalling commissioning including data changes, major civil engineering, telecoms and M&E. Works were to be delivered in two major blockades of 10 days duration each. The key project deliverable was to complete the platform extensions and associated works by 31st May 2021 to ensure our client could fully introduce and operate their new rolling stock. 


The Solution 

Equate Design managed the engineering and assurance for the whole project across both the design and construction phases including the interface with ASPRO. Equate Design provided Engineering Management (CEM/CRE), civils design (temporary and permanent works) and site engineering services to the client in conjunction with the Principal Contractor (BCM Construction). We managed the interface between the client (MTR) and the Network Rail ASPRO team to ensure that all engineering and assurance requirements were met to allow the works to proceed under the Basic Asset Protection Arrangement (BAPA) signed between MTR & NR. 


The Deliverables:


  • Professional services
    • Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM)
    • Contractors Responsible Engineer (CRE) Design & Construction
    • Site engineering services
  • Stakeholder Management and NR Assurance Processes
    • Management of CSM-RA process
    • Engineering management across entire project
    • Management of DWWP process
    • Review and approval of methodologies (WPP/CPP)
    • Collaborative Hazard (HAZ-ID) review sessions
  • Site Surveys
  • Site Set Up and Enabling Works
  • Management of access and possessions
  • Installation of new slab track system
  • Installation of new S&C and Permanent Way Modifications
  • Installation of Platform Extensions and Widening to P16 & P17
  • Decommissioning Platform 18
  • OLE Modifications
  • S&T Modifications
  • M&E Installations
  • Lineside Civil Works
  • Signalling Testing and Commissioning including data changes
  • Undertake designer responsibilities under Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations 2015.
  • Design Assurance Deliverables;
    • F002 – Statement of Design Intent
    • F003 – Certificate of Design and Check
    • Form A – Approval In Principle
    • Form B – Detailed Design
  • CAD Deliverables
    • Computer Aided Design Drawings Design drawings in accordance with NR/L2/INI/EDT/CP0091 Specification for Computer Aided Design
    • Geospatially accurate 3D Civil/Structural Design CAD Model Files
    • 2D Civil and Structural Design CAD Drawing Layouts derived as an output of the 3D Civil/Structural Design CAD Model
  • Other deliverables
    • Strategy Development & Approval
    • Survey report & review of Existing Services (inc. buried services)
    • Ground Investigation & Report
    • Cable route Risk Assessment
    • Access strategy document
    • Pinch Point Design Surveys
    • Diversity Impact Assessment
    • Fire Strategy