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Newhaven Flood Defence Scheme

Professional Services Surveys

Project Value: £10k

Project Commenced: December 2020

Project Completed:  January 2021

Client: BCM Construction


About the Project

The works described are part of the wider Newhaven Flood Alleviation Scheme, which is being delivered by the Environment Agency. As part of this new flood protection measures were required for the interface with Network Rail infrastructure. The new demountable flood defences being constructed can be quickly mobilised and demobilised with minimal plant. The Geodesign Barriers system consists of collapsible galvanised steel supports, which are easily opened and locked into a 45-degree position. Existing cables routes / under road crossing (URX) and all the cables (HV, LV, Signalling and Telecoms) within the project footprint were affected and needed to be diverted to new routes to enable the construction of 1000mm deep concrete beam to support the temporary flood barrier placed on the railway when required. The construction works were on and adjacent to the operational railway and included new UTX and URX and reinforced concrete beam construction. 


The Challenge 

To allow the construction works to commence, Track monitoring is required to control the hazard of non-compliant track geometry being caused through the works which could affect train operations. NR/L2/CIV/177 over or Adjacent to Building and Civil Engineering Works. 

NR/L2/TRK/001 Mod 14 also covers the management of Critical Rail Temperature (CRT) for works which disturb the track support zone and could lead to a track buckle. To allow the works to progress – Track Monitoring and CRT Management was required to allow the safety of the railway to be assured during and post completion of the construction works. 


The Solution 

Equate managed the track and CRT monitoring requirements on behalf of our client BCM construction to allow the construction works to progress. This included all documentation in addition to on site monitoring activities. Equate also provided on-site engineering support for delivery of the construction works. 

The Deliverables: 

  • Liaison with NR Asset Protection (ASPRO) team and local track maintenance units 
  • Production of a Track Monitoring Plan in accordance with standard NR/L2/CIV/177 – Monitoring Track over or Adjacent to Building and Civil Engineering Works including sign-off by Network Rail 
  • Installation of targets on the track in the area adjacent to the works at 3m intervals on each rail and extending 30m beyond the limits of the works at each end to allow a stable baseline to be monitored for reference 
  • Carried out baseline survey of the track position including x,y,z coordinates and track superelevation (cant) prior to any works commencing 
  • Carried out monitoring survey of the track position during the works in the possession 
  • Carried out post works completion track monitoring for a period of 4 weeks at intervals in accordance with the standard 
  • Production of CR-T management plan in accordance with NR/L2/TRK/001 Mod 14 – Managing Track In Hot Weather 
  • Production of CRT (20) ESR designs to allow Emergency Speed Restrictions to be implemented if the Critical Rail Temperature values were reached 
  • Production of CRT Assessment Form 2 for Stressed Track and Form 3A for Kango Packing associated with the works 
  • Distribution of CRT register post works until consolidation period achieved 
  • Provision of watchmen resource should CRT(W) be reached