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Haul Road and Temporary Bridges & Car Park Design – St Brides Sub Station

Temporary Works Design

Project Value: £1.9m

Project Commenced: October 2017

Project Completed: January 2019

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

BCM Construction and design partner – Equate Design delivered the final substation as part of the Network Rail Great Western Electrification Programme (GWEP) at Newport St Brides. All eyes were on this final milestone due to the final piece of the Entry into Services relied on St Brides, part of the Capital to Capital energisation programme by Dec 2020.  

BCM Construction and Equate Design were contracted to carry out the full civils spec of installing the Auto Transformer Feeder Station for Network Rail (NR) / UKPN and National Grid. Part of our scope was to construct a new access into the substation consisting of an 800m Haul Road implementation and temporary car park that would take the flow of traffic for all construction plant to build the project. Please find attached high level spec of the road and below build up of materials used. 

 The haul road and Substation construction was part of a SSSI area so all excavation were closely monitored by National Resources Wales. 

 All material and plant were sourced locally from the Newport and Cardiff area developing relationships with landowners in the vicinity of the site to store soils on farm land.  

 A 3,500m3 topsoil strip and store on site was carried out and install of 4 x no culverts and 1 x Bridge install over the Reen which involved sheet piling to stabilise embankments.  

 The Substation included excavation of 1180 m2 of material with the use of a layer of LECA LWA 10/20 technology. Crane / Piling mats to be constructed, Piling installation of 124no precast driven piles and 76no driven piles for fence post pockets.


The Challenge 

The first challenge was to vastly reduce the carbon footprint.

The second challenge was to find programme efficiencies where possible.  


The Solution 

70% of the 3,330 TONNES cross section build was formed of Recycled Material. This resulted in a 33% cost saving and a programme acceleration of 15 days, vastly reducing the carbon footprint. This design was produced by our Enable Consortium – Equate Design with the buy in of the GWEP NR Environmental Team and Programme Delivery.  

As a result of our Collaboration with both NR and UKPN, BCM were awarded the “Best Site” Award of 2018 at St Brides. 


The Deliverables: 

  • SSOW Planning  
  • Safety Critical Paperwork (CPP, WPP’s and TBS’) 
  • Multi-Disciple Design Surveys  
  • Civils Forms 002 & 003 
  • Electrical Form B’s 
  • Earthing & Bonding Designs 
  • Temporary Works Designs 
  • Costing Reports