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Case studies

GPR Services Identification – Gillingham Access Points


Project Value: £13k

Project Commenced: 7th June 2020

Project Completed: 9th August 2020

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

As part of the CapEx Access Points Project, Equate Design undertook design works on and around Gillingham Signal Box to provide improved vehicular access to and from the Signalling Centre. To find out more how GPR Surveys assisted in the design process for this project, please read the full case study below.

Considering the site layout, it was thought that there would be a significant number of buried services, including signalling cables crossing the site. There was a significant risk that not all services would not be highlighted on current buried services records.

Equate Design proposed to undertake a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey to locate and identify all buried services present within the site boundary so aid the design and to reduce the on site risks. A full GPR Survey of the area was undertaken in conjunction with a Topographical Survey detailing the line and level of the whole site.


The Challenge

To understand the number and layout of the different buried services to minimise the risk of cable strikes during construction


The Solution

Undertake a GPR Survey which provides accurate information detailing the type and number of the different buried services


The Deliverables:

  • Services Drawings
  • Services / Utilities Identification
  • Survey Report


Outputs & Benefits:

A coordinated CAD drawing, showing accurate services locations useable for clash detection during the design phase and also future construction planning.