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Case studies

Feltham – Signal Foundations

Civils Design

Project Commenced: June 2019

Project Completed: May 2021

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

The Feltham & Wokingham Resignalling Programme, is a major project for Network Rail to renew life expired Signalling, Telecoms and Power assets, on which BCM Construction were engaged to undertake the GRIP 4-8 Design and Construction works associated with Phase 2 of the project. 

This project included the design of a number of signal structures on either reinforced concrete pad foundations, or piles, which were undertaken by specialist designers, overseen by Equate Designs CEM (Contractors Engineering Manager). These required careful coordination with the subcontracted signal structure designer to ensure the correct position was achieved to suit the optimal signal structure design, whilst ensuring that there was minimal risk to the track stability, and above all, cost effective, economic construction works were achieved, often at locations with tight access and time constraints. 

Where the works could not be economically designed to avoid the track support and CRT zone, Equate Design undertook track monitoring surveys, with in house surveyors, to assist BCM in managing the risks. 


The Challenge 

With most rail projects the challenge is determining the right solution for each specific site. Each location will have its  own individual constraints, whether it is the ground conditions, topography, interface with adjacent rail lines or restricted access and rarely does one type suit all locations on a project. 


The Solution 

Equate Design have considerable experience in the design of lineside structures, and on the Feltham project worked with our partner organisations to ensure that the selected designs provided an economic and safe solution that could be installed within the permitted times without introducing unnecessary risk to construction workers.


The Deliverables: 

  • BCM Construction were engaged to supply the design and installation of over 100 signalling assets, with Equate Design engaged to provide specialist input alongside supporting partners. 
  • Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) 
  • Contractors Responsible Engineer (CRE) Design & Construction 
  • Topographical Surveys  
  • Design management and coordination of foundation designs 
  • Subcontractor management 
  • Track monitoring 
  • Red line and as-built drawing production 


Right Solution in the Right Place: Because Equate Design (and BCM Construction) have no vested interest in a particular solution or installation method, they can rationally appraise the alternate solutions available, and look to find the best solution for a particular location, engaging experienced specialist partners to support the design and installation process where necessary, ensuring safe, practicable, economic solutions are proposed.