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Case studies

Colas Depot – Road Rail Access Point Design

Civils Design

Project Commenced: June 2020

Project Completed: May 2021

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

The design of the Coals Depot Road Rail Access Point (RRAP) design came as part of the CAPEX package of works for Network Rail. The purpose of these works was to improve track access points for operatives and road-rail plant, ensuring they conformed to the appropriate Capita specification.  

BCM Construction engaged specialist sub-contract designer, Equate Design, to undertake the design elements. The major feature being designed at the Colas Depot was the RRAP with considerations needing to be made to provide safe access and egress for plant. 


The Challenge 

Two main challenges were posed at the depot. Upon intrusive trial hole inspections of the site, there was evidence of extensive cabling and troughing throughout the site. It was determined that there would be difficulty in providing appropriate sizes of concrete roadway and trough protection given the sizes and weight of the vehicles using the RRAP. 

The second challenge was mainly a health and safety precaution concerning a brick work retaining wall to the rear of the site. Given the nature of this site for plant operations and material movements, if an accident were to occur and a vehicle was to strike the wall there could be a large fall from height. 


The Solution 

To mitigate the extensive obstructions within the ground profile of the site, an alternative to the typical concrete solution was employed. A Terram Truckpave roadway was constructed with a concrete turning apron at the end to ease access and maintenance concerns. Truckpave can withstand large axial loads, provide superior drainage characteristics and is more adaptable to a site with many obstructions. 


The Deliverables: 

  • Topographical Survey – prior to any design works, the existing site was surveyed to facilitate the design of the PSP compound. 
  • RRAP and Access Apron Design 
  • Palisade Gate Design 
  • Additional associated works