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Camberley PSP Compound Gate & Fencing Design

Civils Design

Project Commenced: March 2021

Project Completed: April 2021

Client: Network Rail


About the Project

The design of the Camberley PSP compound fell under the remit of the Feltham & Wokingham Resignalling Programme, a major project for Network Rail to renew life expired Signalling, Telecoms and Power assets, on which BCM Construction were engaged to undertake the GRIP 4-8 Design and Construction works associated with Phase 2 of the project. 

BCM Construction engaged a number of specialist sub-contract designers, including Equate Design, to undertake the design elements. One such element within Equate Designs scope was the design of the security fencing to the PSP compound at Camberley. The constrained site, easily accessible by members of the public, required careful consideration to ensure a safe, but functional layout was achieved. 


The Challenge 

The site for the proposed new PSP at Camberley lies in a residential area adjacent to a level crossing. The land is Network rail owned, also providing access to the adjacent Network Rail substation and third party owned transformers. Unauthorized trespass was considered a high risk, and due to boundary constraints the standard network Rail PSP compound layout could not be achieved, resulting in ‘Touch Potential’ issues between existing and proposed fencing, the PSP, and other assets. In addition, existing access routes to, and around the substation needed to be maintained to avoid placing operatives at risk, walking lineside, to the substation. 


The Solution 

To mitigate the touch potential issues a GRP palisade type fence was designed to enclose the PSP compound. The fence height was set at 3.0m to reduce the risk of trespass, however due to limitations in the proprietary GRP product, full Security Provision (SP) requirements could not be met, and these were risk assessed with the Network Rail team to ensure all site-specific requirements were achieved. Access routes through the compound were assessed, and additional access gates were provided to ensure substation personnel could access all existing assets safely. 


The Deliverables: 

  • Topographical Survey – prior to any design works, the existing site was surveyed to facilitate the design of the PSP compound. 
  • PSP foundation design – BCM Construction managed the civils design and installation of the cable route containment, PSP hardstand and associated lineside reinforced concrete retailing wall which was required due to the site being elevated above rail level. 
  • Equate Design undertook the design of the PSP compound fence, ensuring coordination with the other design elements to ensure sufficient access around the PSP was maintained. 
  • The design was developed to provide surface mounted fence posts on top of the new reinforced concrete retaining wall in accordance with the constraints in the retaining wall design. 
  • Equate Design coordinated with Network Rail to ensure adequate access to, and around the adjacent substation and transformers was maintained. 
  • Additional retaining walls were identified and detailed to ensure safe walking routes were maintained. 


Outputs & Benefits:

Eliminated Risk: By provision of a non-conductive GRP fence, any associated ‘Touch Potential’ risk is eliminated, removing requirements for installation of bonding, and removing maintenance issues and future risks associated with a bonded steel fence.

Fit for Purpose: By understanding the limitations of the GRP product compared with the equivalent steel fence, and reviewing these alongside the security requirements for this site, a risk assessment ensured the GRP Palisade was adequate and fit for purpose.