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Equate Has a New Website and a New Vision.

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Equate have seen growth within the business over the past couple of years, developing their offerings whilst successfully delivering projects for a number of new clients. Therefore, we needed a website that truly showcased our work and what we have to offer within the Rail, Highways and Civil Engineering sectors.

What’s more, a number of projects that were previously not documented now have detailed, interesting case studies written with supporting imagery, so feel free to take a look at some of the successful projects we have assisted with over the past couple of years.

Some of you may be aware the Equate is part of the Enable Consortium, which is lead by BCM Construction. BCM have been our biggest client for the past couple of years, however, Equate always had a goal to become a self-sufficient business with an array of different clients, and we can now say we have achieved this goal.

Moving forward we will continually seek new clients in new industries in new locations. We are a dynamic team that provides a wide range of design solutions including Civil Engineering Design, Geotechnical Design, Survey Design and Temporary Works Design.